Santa's Whiskers

Christmas Literature

Winter has set in, the tree is up and there’s a log in the fireplace. Out come those special holiday books we’ve been saving from year to year. Perhaps it’s the one we read as a child with our parents. Or the special story a best friend recommended. Or a coffee table book we received as a gift. 

Stored with the decorations and wrapping paper, these books are treasures that help make Christmas come alive. Within the pages are memories of Christmas past, reminders of traditions to be passed on, and magical moments that renew our inner child’s wonder at the season. They help us “feel” the holidays.

Some are designed to read aloud, especially with children. Others can only be fully appreciated by viewing the visuals that accompany the words. Sometimes we prefer to watch the movie or TV version instead of reading the story. A few of us even dig out histories about the origins of the holiday or where Santa Claus came from.

But however we do it, the short days and long nights and cold weather of the Christmas season make it a good time to read.