An exploration of the origins of Christmas customs and

A detailed photo account of the famous Christmas store

windows and general holiday images from around NY city.

All things Christmas for those who appreciate the Victorian

period approach to the holidays. 

A selection of on-line Christmas stories. 

The Victorians celebrated Christmas enthusiasm and had

deep respect for custom and tradition.

Discovering the truth about Santa Claus.

Christ, Claus and the evolution of our most popular holiday.

Answering your Christmas questions!

The "official site" of Christmas, sharing wish lists, traditions,

recipes, gift ideas, music, and more.
Send a letter to Santa, Christmas games, Christmas stories, get

a Santa video, Christmas music, gift ideas, Christmas traditions,

Christmas recipes, and Santa's blog.
All things Christmas, including printable cards, lyrics to favorite

carols, songs in MIDI format, unique craft ideas, decorating

suggestions, tips for shopping, and hostess gifts.

Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India is committed to

spreading the richness of the festivals that India has derived

from other countries, including Christmas. SCFI tries to

popularize this winter festival by introducing all the aspects of

Christmas on single platform.

The anchor of a Christmas community online with active year

round outreach via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other

social media venues.

Lyrics and downloadable MIDI music to over 450 songs and old

fashioned carols, andmusic videos from Youtube.

Many things Christmas, including: carols, gift ideas, decorating,

party ideas, ways to celebrate and recipes.

Many things Christmas, including: poems, prose, history, music,

traditions, stories, jokes, quotations, Christmas illustrations and


Craft projects, decorating ideas, patterns, freebies and recipes.

Many things Christmas, including:history, decorations,
celebrations, gifts, accessories, songs, food and clothing.

Many things Christmas, including: crafts, decorating, gift ideas,

party planning, recipes, shopping and stories.

Many things Christmas, including: games, food, videos, music,

crafts, quotes, jokes, stories, clip-art and trivia.
Things to do for both kids and parents, including: check naughty
or nice rating, play games in Elf School, print an Elf diploma, sing
along with songs, try holiday recipes, visit the toy workshop,
send E-mail to Santa Claus, etc.
A child-safe, award-winning holiday site that looks at Santa’s
Secret Village at the North Pole, through high-tech, creative
features to keep children and adults entertained—all for free.
Created to feature various sites, charities, gift ideas and other
holiday-oriented topics.
Created by North American Aerospace Defense Command to
track Santa's trip each year.
Email Santa, see how others celebrate Christmas, create holiday

crafts, learn how to prepare Christmas treats, watch a Christmas

movie and sing along with Christmas carols.
Personalized letters From Santa start at just $7.95. Add a phone

call from Santa for only $4.95.
Email Santa,  get Santa's autograph, listen to music, jokes, games,

Santa's photo album, etc.
Meet Santa at his office every day of the year.
Santa Claus Office is

located in Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle Rovaniemi, Lapland,

Finland. You can reach Rovaniemi  by plane, by train, or by bus.
Live video calls with Santa.

For children, a top Christmas website where kids can interact with

Santa’s reindeer and his elves.
Free games, gift registry, toy, game and movie reviews, Email Santa.
A site with lots of Christmas games, an advent calendar, Christmas

Ecards, Christmas tales and stories, coloring pages, downloadable

goodies, Christmas crafts, and many other Christmas surprises.
The ClausNet Santa Claus Network is an online community for men

and women actors dedicated to the portrayal of Santa Claus, Mrs.

Claus, and elves.
Main goal is to bring essential tangibles to children in low-income

circumstances – from clothing and toiletries to school supplies and

Personalized letter package for the children from $8 - $32.
Meet Santa Claus and cross the magical Arctic Circle every day at the

Santa Claus Village in Lapland in Finland.
Personalized Santa letters for children.
A site for those who have a need or an opportunity that requires a

happy, truly authentic, real bearded Santa Claus.
A child's Santa Claus web site.
Talk to Santa live, record a personalized video for children and

Genuine greeting letters from Santa Claus.
Santa is available for family gatherings, company promotions, tree

lightings, Christmas story readings, parties, print ads, parades,

club parties, store openings, office parties, TV commercials, etc.
Letter from Santa postmarked from the Northpole. Also, games,

kid’s zone, santa video, music and video, gifts, traditions, recipes,

Santa’s blog.
Locations and Times Where Parents Can Bring Their Children To

Visit With Santa.
Naughty or nice list, the wish list, Santa's workshop, Santa's blog.
Santa Claus Internet TV in Lapland.
Send Email to Santa, get Email or real letter , buy kids toys and gifts.
A non-commercial site that celebrates the magic of the Holiday

season. Send a letter to Santa or download favorite Christmas

music. to
Holiday activities, recipes, homemade gift ideas, Christmas

decorations, coloring pages, downloadable letters to and

from Santa.

Cashing In On The Internet

Santa's Whiskers

In today’s world, most everything Christmas seems to be commercialized. And, as you might expect, there are a plethora of Santa and Christmas web sites, all of which might seem pretty innocent. But there are several common threads that hint at the potential commercialization involved:

Youth Centered. Many, if not most, of these web sites are designed in a style that is  aimed at the young. Colorful, often cartoonish, simplistic. Understandable. Children usually stop believing in Santa Claus around ages 8-10. So primary audience for many of these sites is the group under that age.

No Approval Necessary. Another common thread among the sites is the lack of parental permission necessary to allow children to visit. Young children are quite tech savvy and there is nothing on the sites to prevent them from providing personal info, address, etc.

Personalized Contact. Children are encouraged to send Santa letters, email Santa, engage in live video with Santa, set up an on-line check list, set up a wish list. To personalize this contact the children are often asked to supply information like name, address, email, etc. This gives the site an easy way to collect contact information that could then be sold to marketers.

Interactive Media. Many of these sites promote interactive activities, like playing on-line Christmas games, downloading coloring pages, building advent and Christmas calendars, listening to holiday music. The goal is to keep the children coming back to the website, again and again.

May Contain Advertising. Not a lot of paid advertising, although one site does contain Ebay ads. But there is a lot of self promoting advertising - send letter to santa for $8.95. Buy these Christmas cookies for $30. etc. "I found this for my scout troop. We spend a lot of time doing arts and crafts. This is a great place to find craft ideas for any holidays." Amelia