Santa's Whiskers

Flight of the


Robert Sullivan and Glenn Wolff

Flight of the Reindeer (book jacket). Children have believed the legend forever. On one special evening each year a jolly old elf (with a taste for red suits) and eight tiny reindeer (plus one with a red nose) fly all night long to deliver gifts around the world. The fact is, solid evidence abounds – from scientists, historians, Arctic explorers and other experts – that this is not a legend at all, and the children have been right all along. In "Flight of the Reindeer", Robert Sullivan has gathered a wealth of evidence, including photos, illustrations and eyewitness accounts, both old and new, to present the wondrous story of The Christmas Mission.

  First, the reindeer: Do they really fly? “We used to think it was just extended leaping,” says Tony Vecchio, Director of the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island. “But recent evidence has confirmed that it is true flight.” In fact, there is one remarkable breed that flies with a grace and speed unmatched in the animal kingdom. Dasher is one of tis breed. So are Dancer, Donder and the other members of “The Team.”

  And Santa Claus? “He’s just as real as the gifts he brings,” reports Will Steger, the famed Arctic explorer, who, ten years ago, became the first person ever to visit the elusive North Pole village. Steger returned with some astonishing photographic evidence of the village, as well as words of wisdom from the legend himself. “I was surprised by how open he was and how much information he wanted me to bring back,” says Steger. Indeed, it seems that while Santa feels strongly that he and his village must live and work in isolation, he is not at all reluctant to have us know certain things. In fact, he seems to want us to know.

​   And now, with "Flight of the Reindeer", we do.